Help with pedicle screw planning module


I am trying to develop a pedicle screw planning extension based on pedicle screw simulator.

attached is a video of what we have been able to achieve.

As you can see from the above we have made sliders to change orientation of screw.
and there is a large fiducial that can be dragged out.

My queries:

  1. How can we do in such a way that instead of only the fiducial the screw can be dragged from anywhere?
  2. How to make the screw can rotated like in the video below. can these arrows for rotations etc be placed alongside the screw like in the video.

Please guide and advise

many thanks

You can create a markups plane widget. Markups can be interactively moved and rotated in slice and 3D views. If you add an observer to the markups node then you can copy its position and orientation to the screw model.