Hex Meshing Extension


I discovered that a hex-meshing extension called IA-FEMesh was available in the Slicer version 3.6 and I do not see it anymore. Is it discontinued or is there another extension which can perform hex meshing of segmentations?

I’m afraid we didn’t have resources to bring the IA-FEMesh code into the 4.x version.

Thanks @pieper

Are there any alternatives to perform a hex mesh within Slicer?

I found this openSource but I didn’t test.

There are many mesh generators out there and it should be quite easy to extend the Segment Mesher module to work with them.

The Segment Mesher is essentially just a Python script, which converts input image or mesh to a format that the mesher accepts, runs the meshing algorithm, and imports the result back into Slicer. The module can already use two libraries (TetGen and Cleaver2) - extending it to support more should not be a problem.

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