Hi, I have problems solving the "couldn't not load.....scalar volume" problem

Operating system: windows 8.1
Slicer version: 4.8.1
Expected behavior: loading the dicom data
Actual behavior: not loading

Please help me with this. I tried to change the dicom information with dicomcleaner but it didn’t work either


You might want to try the SlicerDicomPatcher

Series of “OT” (other) modality are typically not images and therefore they are not loadable.
Can you load the “CT” series? If not then DICOM patcher module is a good starting point. If you cannot load the CT volume after patching then let us know.

Hi thank you both for your help. I tried the patcher but i got this


We have had this problem with DICOM files stored inside directories with names that contain certain “rare” characters (I our case, directories in Spanish with words with accents).

We have changed all the directories to plain names without accents and we are able to avoid this and other Slicer errors (such as sudden closes when trying to save files).

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Please also use latest stable version (Slicer-4.10.1). The DICOM patcher has been made more robust, it does not abort processing if non-DICOM files are encountered.

Me too had the same problem… thank You guys

This worked for me too (removing an “ó” from path). Thanks !! (although I also disabled the DWI module in the same trial) using v4.10.2