Hide frame markers

I’m fairly new to using 3DSlicer and I cannot find anywhere how to hide the frame markers in the 3D window, or in all of the windows for that matter.
I want to do this because I am exporting the slices and I don’t want white lines to appear in the middle of the picture.
Is there any way I can do this?
Many thanks in advance!

You can adjust what is shown in viewers by clicking on the push-pin icon in the top-left corner and modify options in the displayed menu.

Hi Andras, many thanks for your reply.
I have had a look at the options in that menu and I haven’t found the one to switches off the white box.
Here are two pictures; the one with white background is better, as the white lines get camouflaged in the background. I would still need to edit the dots in Photoshop though.
As you can see in the picture with the black background, the white lines are very visible. Is there any way of turning these off?
Black%20background White%20background

This seems to be a volume rendering inside a cropbox. You can change the visibility of the cropbox in the volume rendering module

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Many thanks rkikinis. It was quite obvious now that you mention it. Anyway, problem solved!