HoloLens 2 gets stuck on "Receiving … " using SlicerVirtualReality

Hi I’m new to 3D slicer and VR. I was trying to show a 3d segmented brain model using the SlicerVirtualReality extension with openXR backend on my HoloLens2 using holographic remoting player. it says “receiving…” for an undefined amount of time. Am I doing something wrong or this takes a long time? Would appreciate any guidance :slight_smile:

It should connect within a few seconds. Please use the very latest Slicer Preview Release and follow these setup instructions. If you still experience issues then provide detailed information about your hardware and software configuration and how you have set up your system.

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I tried the latest Slicer Preview Release and it worked there but I tried to segment brain using Slicer Parcellation on Preview Release it made the 3Dslicer unresponsive and crashes. Can i now show volume rendered brain on the hololens2 ?