Hovering over a fiducial is no longer PointingHandCursor

Using the current Slicer nightly 4.9.0-2018-10-09 when hovering over a placed fiducial it no longer shows the Qt PointingHandCursor type. It maintains the regular arrow cursor type.

In Slicer 4.8.1 it would use the PointingHandCursor. Is this change to be expected or is this a bug? Does this happen for anyone else? I’m on the latest Windows 10 public release.

I discovered this while using fiducial markups in the latest slicer. Other issues I ran into using fiducials I added to the issue tracker.
0004627: VTK Errors after pasting copied fiducial in markups module
0004628: Unable to move fiducial position with cursor

It is like this since the switch to Qt5/OpenGL2 rendering backend. It is like this in other applications, such as ParaView.

We can switch cursor using QWidget::setCursor() but VTK methods do not seem to work anymore.

Thanks for reporting this - I hadn’t use fiducials lately but indeed they are all screwed up.

Do you happen to know when this broke? I have a mac nightly from 2018-08-28 that is not broken.

@lassoan it’s not just the cursor changing, the fiducials are completely non-functional.

Ok, I figured it was due to one of the major updates Qt5/VTK9/etc. I think PointingHandCursor is a bit helpful to know if you can grab an object. This specific thing isn’t a big deal, but I think changing the cursor could help some with usability.

Regarding issue 4628 of not being able to move a placed fiducial with cursor, I only have a Windows nightly package from 2018-08-17 and it wasn’t an issue there. Not sure when it started to happen either. I attempted to post that as a note to the issue tracker, but it prevented me from posting thinking I was spam for so many actions within a certain time period :laughing: