How can a new python library be added such as ast or astor in the python interpreter?

(Carlos Luque) #1

Hello everyone
I´m working the supporting the i18n for script modules, which was started in the 30th project week. In this process, the libraries ast and astor are utilited. The library ast is included in 3d Slicer, but the library astor is not included. I´d like to know how to add new libraries such as astor in the python interperter when the slicer is building.

Thanks in the advances.
Carlos Luque

(Alex Vergara) #2

try this solution Module for Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine

basically at the end do


(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #3

This could be done like the other python library in Slicer. For example, see

(Carlos Luque) #4

Hello all,
Thanks for your helps.
I added the astor in 3D Slicer.