How can give more than one segments different color in the same volume?

Dears in 3D Slicer support team,
I want to know how could I color different regions with different colors in the same model!
As you can seen in this screenshot below:
Want to color the fractured segments (small ones) with a different color than the whole mandible!
Thank you so much for appreciated help.

If they are separated from the mandible you can use islands effect to add them to a new segment

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Thank you, Can you please explain more and if there is a demo link would be great if shared! Thank you again

Here you have

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But this one dose not show to the end result! Do this mean by doing these steps I would have two different colored segments in the same model?

If you want to have dofferent colors on the same model you should use color scalars
For example: red=1,blue=2, and so on

You can explore the models module to know more about this

Please do not post screen captures with private information on them!

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You are right, next time I will take care. Thank you for such great notice.