How can I calculate the total intracranial contents (ICC) volume using 3D slicer modules?

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: Slicer 4.10.1
Expected behavior: Caluculate the total intracranial contents (ICC) volume using 3D slicer modules.
Actual behavior: I can’t calculate it in 3D slicer.

I would like to know how to calculate the ICC volume using 3D slicer modules.
I could calculate it in 3D slicer version 2.6.
However, I can’t find the module for calculating ICC volume after version 3.
I appreciate any advice for it.

Do you remember what tool you used in slicer2?

Is ICC volume same as ICV (intracranial volume)? If it is, I think osteotomy planner does it from a segmented skull.

In general, you segment object of interests using Segment Editor module, then compute their volume using Segment Statistics module.

I 'm sorry, I can’t recall the module.

The segmented voxel volumes of gray and white matter and cerebrospinal fluid were summed to yield the total intracranial contents (ICC).
I can measure ROI volumes using Segment Editor and Segment Statistics modules.
However, I think I may have to use other module or icons in order to calculate the ICC volume.
I could calculate the ICC volumes when I use Slicer 2.6, but I have already updated the Slicer version, and now I can’t use Slicer 2.6.
I would like to know how to calculate ICC in Slicer 4.10.1.
I appreciate your time and kind advice.


If you have a segmentation of GM, WM and CSF, then you can use segment statistics to get the individual volumes and add them up.

One other solution would be to use the Swiss skull stripper extension to define the ICC.

Note that you have to install some data (as described in the manual above) before running the module.


Dear Ron,

I appreciate your kind advice.
I will use Swiss Skull Stripper following the manual you informed me.
Thanks a lot.