How can I interact with the slicer internal implementation functions?

Operating system: window 11
Slicer version: slicer 4.13.0
Expected behavior: python module extention
Actual behavior:

Hi, I am a newbie in 3D image processing.

What I’d like to do is:
I want to extend the Python module file I made to 3D slicer.
However, this module needs to interact with several functions inside the 3D slicer.

List of necessary 3D slicer internal functions

  1. When an image is added to 3d slicer, load the corresponding image variable.
  2. I want to import point (x,y,z) information that is marked through 3d sclier’s markups function.

In order to access the above two functions through my module function, please let me know the function name or method that I need to refer to.

e.g ) from somewhere_in_3d_sclier_functinos import *bring_data_function, *bring_position_function

The script repository should get you started. There are good examples of the solution for both of your problems. Please also consult chatGPT.