How can I register a 3D view in segmentation?

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Welcome Antoine,




Thank you for your answer!
I did it but i don’t think i was clear.
I already have the 3D And now i want to get rid of Green red and yellow in order to record (using a graphic table) the 3D model.
We want to make disappear some of the structures and to move around.
Is it possible to do so?

Thank you for your help

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You want to switch to 3D view only from a python script ? Or do you want to do that manually within slicer ?

We thought doing it with slicer.
We want to record it with Two screens : one for the segmentations and the other with only the 3D model

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For showing 3D only within Slicer please go:

In oder to show / hide individual segmentations or change opacities go to “Segmentations”:

I don’t have on my screen. When i load my .mrb the icon disappear.

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Thanks a lot it works!

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Sorry to bother you again.
We don’t manage to create à rotation point.
We marked a fiducial node but then when i go to transform i can’t get the application to work…

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Find details on that procedure in the script repository

Thank you we managed to do it with transforms!

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