How can i save multiple models as one file?

I want to make a brain model with brain tissue, tumour, and ventricle. I have made these 3 models individually. But when I save them, they are saved as three separate files. How can I save (export) them as one stl or vtk etc file instead of three files?

If you want to add all the segments together into a single shape you can use the logic operators in the Segment Editor. Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean by putting them all in the same file.

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Hi, you have three options:

  1. If they are still segments, instead of using “Export/import models and labelmaps” use “Export to files” just beneath it, with merge into single file checked and select your export format
  2. If you necessarly have models, you can’t do that natively in slicer (as far as i know), you need to export from slicer individually as .ob/stl import them in blender and export as .obj with selection only unchecked in export options
  3. to go further you could also import blender into slicer and do the last option automatically
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In Data module, you can convert model nodes into segmentation nodes then drag-and-drop the segments into one segmentation. You can then export this segmentation as a single file as @Amine described above.

You can also merge meshes by a few lines of Python script.

Why do you need to merge the models? What software do you use for further processing (mesh viewing, mesh editing, 3D printing, …)?

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Thanks Pieper, Segment editor does work for this. But I segmented it in Editor.

Thanks Lassoan, I did as what your recommended and it works. I am going mesh the domain in IA-FEMesh and i think this software works better for a single model file.

Thanks Amine, t works after i convert the model nodes to segmentation nodes and then follow your option 1.

You can also use Segment mesher extension to create finite-element meshes using Cleaver2 or TetGen directly from a segmentation node. You may also change the script in the extension to add an option to use IA-FEMesh.

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Thank you so much for your help Lassoan, I will try it and let you know if I have questions.