How do I take linear measurements on 3D Volume rendered surface?

I have tried taking measurements on the skull after volume rendering as done from the tutorial New "Surface cut" and "Mask volume" tools for 3D Slicer segment editor - YouTube but my control points cannot be fixed onto the bone surface.

Operating system: windows 11
Slicer version: 5.0.3
Expected behavior: to be able to take linear measurements with the control points fixed onto the bone surface
Actual behavior: the control points (the lines) get scattered in the 3D space even after locking the control points

Is “Snap to visible surface” option is selected Markups module → Display → Advanced → 3D display → Placement mode?

What volume rendering technique do you use (CPU, GPU, multi-volume)?

Did the volume-rendered surface appear opaque or semi-transparent? Could you provide a screenshot?

Thank you, Sir

My problem gets resolved after following your instructions.
Placement mode (Snap to Visible surface)

Volume rendering technique (GPU)

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