How does Slicer distinguish different series?

I’m developing an automatic algorithm to generate 3 different parametric maps.

Specifically, I generate 3 different maps named ktrans, t0 and kep maps. The generated maps are written into dicom files with pydicom package.
I give these maps 3 different SeriesDescription and SeriesNumber fields when writing into dicom files.
However, when loading these files into slicer, only the ktrans maps are loaded.

These maps can be successfully loaded with Osirix. So, is there some other fields I have to fill when writing into dicom? Which field does slicer use to identify different series?

Do you create distinct series instance UID for each series; and distinct SOP instance UID for each file?

Thank you Andras!

After giving different values for SeriesInstanceUID, Slicer is able to load all the series. It seems that Slicer identifies different slices according to SeriesInstanceUID, not SeriesNumber or SeriesDescription.

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