How does SubjectHierarchy Plugins works in Slicer

Operating system:win10
Slicer version:slicer 4.10.0
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Hi,everyone. I am learning the slicer source code for simplifying some operations in Slicer. But i have trouble in understanding the SubjectHierarchy Plugins, can anyone explain it ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Subject hierarchy plugins can be used to add custom icon, override default actions (such as show/hide), or define new actions in the right-click menu.

You can implement these plugins in either C++ or Python. There are many examples in Slicer core: download source code of Slicer and search for ‚ÄúSubjectHierarchyPlugins‚ÄĚ folders.

I suggest also reading the Information for Developers section on this page

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