How does the aortic diameter in cross-section analysis calculated?

Hi, i just want to know how the aortic diameter shown in cross-section analysis (after extract centerline) is calculated, thanks.

Cross-section is computed by extract centerline module, using VMTK.

sorry, i mean does the aortic diameter shown in the cross-section analysis refer to (1) from anterior to posterior wall (APD), (2) from right to left lateral wall (transD), (3) maximal diameter in any direction (axialDmax) or (4) perpendicular to axialDmax (shortaxisD)?

Vessel diameter is computed as diameter of maximal inscribed sphere. See VMTK documentation for details.

how can i get the VMTK documentation?

sorry to say that i didn’t find any information about “diameter” in VMTK documentation, another questioin is how can i show the line measuring the diameter in the image of cross-section analysis?

It’s an average diameter. The question of a static line does not convey much relevance, and is not involved by VMTK computation. Around the centerline at any point, you can draw as many lines as you want, each with a different diameter. The average diameter has sufficient clinical meaning. Think of it as : “at this point, the lumen is a circle with such diameter”.

  1. I think it’s worthy to find out, cause we may need to define it in furture papper
  2. I would like to accept the average diameter explanation, but how does it calculated?it is an average diameter from what?
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Great topic, useful and explicit, thanks! :+1: