How to access image properties imported into 3D slicer

Operating system: window 11
Slicer version: 4.13.0

Hi all ,

Actually This’s my final question for first project.

If you import mesh data (.ply file) into 3d slicer, it will be rendered within RAS coordinates.
I want to access the vtkpoly file for the mesh data rendered within the RAS coordinates of this 3D slicer. What should I refer to the function name for?

‘within RAS coordinate’ meaning :

As I understand it, all mesh data (.ply files) use the same world coordinate system, but their relative positions are not the same.

So, I understood that 3D sclier approximates and renders mesh data within the RAS coordinate system.

I would like to access the mesh data properties after this process.

What should I refer to?