How to access realtime outside signs?

Dear All,

   How to access a real-time external signal source? And displayed on the slice interface.

   I have a device that generates real-time coordinate information (using usb interface) and simulates navigation, hoping to correspond with the scanned CT data.

   Thanks for any suggestion.

One option is to integrate a driver for the device with PLUS

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Maybe this is the second topic using NDI device.
the first as : Navigation with NDI Aurora/Polaris tracker
Here I have connected the NDI trakSTAR using PLUS server + OpenIGTLinkIF. As image showed below.

Here my question is how to get or show the data from the IGT above ?
thanks for any suggestion. :pray:

I think you just need to open the client in Slicer and look at the transforms in the transforms module

Hope it helps

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can you give a simple UI picture ? I am not familiar with Slicer Application.

I tried the IGT Remote,

the Slicer software crashed soon…

Please look at the docunentation:

There are pictures there

thanks very much. that version is little eary.

the new UI is as below:

I still can not get the data(transform).

Still waiting for the answers,thanks

As your suggestion, using Slicer 3.6.
No more choose as in the tutorials.

so, the result,

The locator model shows up , but it dose not move around in the 3D view.
Still for answers.