Track images using Polhemus Fastrak electromagnetic tracker


We are working on tracking images with Electromagnetic Tracker (Polhemus Fastrak) using PLUS/Slicer. We have position data from the emt and images from ultrasound system:
Q How do we obtain real-time transform matrices from the tracker ?

I referred the link :

But I would like to know how real time position/transform matrix can be obtained.

Thank you!


I am actually quite curious about that system. Can you get coordinates (e.g., as pointLists, or continuous curves) from that device directly into Slicer?

@muratmaga -

Yes, you can add the device to slicer using SlicerIGT and get the coordinate values from the EMT in real-time. These tutorials might be helpful: User tutorial | SlicerIGT

I don’t see Polhemus tracker interface in the source code - PlusLib/src/PlusDataCollection at master · PlusToolkit/PlusLib · GitHub

How did you connect to the Polhemus tracker?
Have you implemented the interface and has not contributed yet to the Plus toolkit?