How to add user-defined QTUI panel to the slicer

I’d like to add a displayed qt panel qslicerlogindialog.ui to the slider, which is placed in the directory shown below, but cannot be used; a panel like qslicerdatadialog.ui automatically generates a qslicerdialog_p.h header file and a qslicerdatadialogprivate class, but how can I add a new qslicerlogindialog.ui to generate a qslicerlogindialog_p.h header file and aqslicerlogerlogePrivate class? Qslicerdatadialog_p.h How was this file generated? Thanks.

This question is how to make your own pop-up box in slicer app。

You can create and edit .ui files using Qt designer. You can write everything from scratch but I usually start from copying and renaming .cxx, .h, .ui files of an existing similar widget.

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Thank you very much!