How to calculate BMD

Sir, how to calculate BMD of bone in 3d slicer.
Sir, I am working on upper cervical spine and I have to find Young’s modules of elasticity(E) and Poisson’s ratio(u) of different parts of c1, c2 spine.
What is the relationship between BMD and E and u.
Kindly reply the questions.

There is no universal formula to convert between radiologic density (voxel value on CT, in Hounsfield units) and BMD; or BMD to mechanical properties. There are lots of papers that use various assumptions and approximations to set mechanical properties directly from CT voxel values. I would recommend to use the method described in one of the recent, highly cited papers.



We have calculated BMD with MircoCT using the method described here.

We are yet to publish our papers based on this yet.

Basically, the main prerequisite is to have a Calibrated machine.
Then we measured the HU means in 3 phantoms with know density. And as Prof Lasso suggested in the final version we took 5 samples to get the

You can pretty much replicate this process in 3D Slicer provided you have a calibrated machine and phantoms with know density.

The resources we used are,
Fortunately, we did not have to (research team) do the calibration by ourself but it was done by the professionals.


Sir, please share paper which set mechanical properties directly from CT voxel value as you described earlier. I am finding difficulties to find such paper.
Kindly share.