How to change color of fudicial and line?

Hello, I still have a problem …
Well I need to change the color of the fudicial, I saw that it was possible but I do not know why, I am blocking with … I have already tried something but without success.

    viridis = cm.get_cmap('viridis', 8)
    nbClust = -1

    if len(points) != 0:
      for i in range(len(points)):
        if points['nbClust'][i] != nbClust:
          nodeName = f"Cluster {nbClust+2}"
          markupsNode = slicer.mrmlScene.AddNewNodeByClass("vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialNode", nodeName)

        pos = [points['p1z'][i], points['p1y'][i], points['p1x'][i]]  

        markupsNode.AddFiducialFromArray(pos, 'point')

        # --------- Couleur ----------
        color = points['volume'][i]/100
        color = viridis(color)

        # color = (r, g, b, a)
          points = {
                    'p1x': p1[0],
                    'p1y': p1[1],
                    'p1z': p1[2],
                    'volume': volume,
                    'nbClust': nbClust,
                    'red': color[0],
                    'blue': color[1],
                    'green': color[2],

So i need to display a part of point with the color.

In addition, I also need to change the color of the lines but hey, there I found nothing.

Thank’s for your help !

Would you like to display each fiducial point with a different color?

No, not especially, I have point clusters registered in different suites. And each suite must have a different color.

You can use two colors in one markups fiducial list - selected and unselected. See example for setting color here. API reference is available here - color setting methods are in “Public member functions inherited from vtkMRMLDisplayNode” section.

Oh yes, thank you but I forgot to precise that I work with the 14.11 version.

Finally it works. Great ! Thank you ! But, why I can’t find “SetSelectedColor” in Slicer: vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialDisplayNode Class Reference ?