How to conduct a 3D CAD comparison to obtain the magnitude deviations with a pre-alignment?

I am currently working on predicting distortion of metal additive manufactured wedge structures. we have made a feasible numerical framework to fabricate components using Abaqus CAE software. In order to validate the framework we are looking into the distortion of as-built fabricated parts. An experimental specimen is as shown in the figure below.

Using the Atos core optical camera a 3D stl file of the wedge specimen was obtained and compared using the inbuilt inspection tool. I am getting the deviation results using this software not as a magnitude but the maximum deviation is comparable with the distortion due to residual stresses during the part build.

I would like to know if we can find the magnitude distortion of a given surface mesh obtained from an optical camera to make a better comparison with my FEM framework results. Is there any software package, python libraries, to get this task done. Thanks in advance!