How to connect node list to qmrml Treeview ?


I’m new to 3d Slicer and I’m trying to create a module for calibrating my files. I have python scripts that temporally and spatially calibrate my files.
I want to import my files through slicer’s Data module and I would like to be able to view and select it through treeview widget like the image below.

My goal is to be able to execute my python script calibration on one or more selected files.
But first, how can I list my nodes on the Treeview ? Is it through the modules python script?
Can someone please give an example or pointers to this direction?

I’m hoping with your help I will understand how module development works. Thank you very much for your time.

There are a number of widgets for selecting nodes, such as qMRMLNodeComboBox or qMRMLSubjectHierarchyTreeView. Ther PerkLab Slicer programming tutorial may be a good start.

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