How to connect Slicer view with Hololens?

Maybe this is not a new topic.

Now if I use hololens device ,I have to develop different apps with Unity,

but it is hard for me to learn Unity.

Anyway or app can help connect Slicer 3D or 2D view with Hololens?

We’ll have HoloLens2 support via OpenXR interface, hopefully in a couple of months. That will allow viewing Slicer’s 3D view content directly in a HoloLens2 headset. If you are interested in the details then I would recommend to join the Slicer Project Week preparation meeting on AR/VR on January 11, 2022.

Is there any update regarding this topic? Thanks!

Yes, there have been nice progress in this.

Driving an Oculus Quest headset from Slicer via NVIDIA CloudXR was successfully demonstrated. It will be presented at GTC soon.

Latest VTK with OpenVR and OpenXR support has been integrated into latest Slicer Preview Release. It is being tested and stabilized these weeks.

@lassoan what are the latest updates about the connection between 3D Slicer and the Hololens 2. Is it stable yet?

A project has been approved and started just recently to achieve direct HoloLens connection from Slicer. Many of us are interested, so you will most probably see relevant announcements about it at major milestones.


I am also interested to get to know how I can make Hololense connection from slicer.