How to create an image slice and add observer

This is a volume slice created by other module, and I can display different slices by dragging the position.
This is not a plane, but a volume node with only one sheet

so that I can transfer the sigle volume to other programs in real time through IGT.

I would like to ask if there are other ways or script to create this kind of slice, and I can specify the length and width of the slice

Hi, maybe this script helps: Volume reslice with tracking · GitHub
You need to install the SlicerIGT extension for the Volume Reslice Driver module to use this script.
It uses a transform node (SliceToRas). Every time that transform changes, it updates the 2D images that is resliced from the 3D volume.

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Yes,this is what I want ,thank you very much,Mr Ungi !