How to Create panoramic X-ray from Ct scan , I can't find CPR

I 've seen a post before to create panoramic x-ray from ct scan using curved planner reformat but i couldn’t do it
so if can anyone help . i appreciate much
link for previous post

The module is in the Sandbox extension.

I have a question please , should i draw the curve on the segmented 3d model from the dicom
Or can i draw the curve on the axial cut only
Thanks in advance

You can draw the curve anywhere, you can even use multiple views: drop a few points in slice views then drop a few in a 3D view on a volume-rendered or segmented surface, and then adjust them in different slice views.

thanks so much , but the panoramic view became just a slice along the line but not like the panoramic x ray we have in the dental field , do you have a previous recorded video
Thanks in advance .

I don’t know much about CPR or dentistry, but all seems to work fine with the sample data in Slicer.

Notice that there are two outputs: A straightened volume, and a projected volume. Projected one is a single X-ray essentially. make sure you are looking at the straightened volume, which looks like a proper 3D volume you can navigate.

thank for your replay , can you clarify more the difference between the red and the green screens

In 3D volumes you have 3 planes to look at data. I imagine one is top and one is front on views.

“Output projected volume” contains the traditional 2D panoramic X-ray projection image. As it is a single-slice volume, it will show up as a 2D image in one slice view, while it will appear as a line in the two other orthogonal slice views.