How to create RTStruct dicom


I have already created labelmap image with segmentation. I would like to export this file to RTStruct.
I would like to create RTStruct image. Is this possible in Slicer ? In which module ?

I would be appreciate for any info.


Here’s information about DICOM export:

You need to have a study in the Data module that contains the master volume and the segmentation.

If you have your segmentation as a labelmap node then first you need to convert it to a segmentation node. RIght-click labelmap, then “Convert labelmap to segmentation node”.

Hi Csaba Pinter,

I have already tried to follow the video youtube tutorial from wiki that you send me.

But it doesn’t work on current version. I followed the tutorial and I can create a dicom series from CT but I cant save RTSTRUCT in Slicer 4.10

In tutorial it looked like it is possible to save RTSTRUCT and corresponding CT.

But here I have only one option.

I would be appreciate for any help please.

Best regards,


You need to right-click the study in order for the RT DICOM plugin to discover all the nodes.
I think it should be able to find the segmentation even under the volume, but let me know otherwise.