How to disable the Add Data Dialog when dragging and dropping an .mrml file into Slicer?

Hi there,

How can I disable the add data dialog window when I drag and drop .mrml files into Slicer? Is there a command I can put into to prevent the dialog pop-up window from appearing everytime and drag and drop?Adddatadialog


@Sam_Horvath just mentioned something about needing to do this in her own custom app - maybe she can comment, but I don’t think it was something one could override in python but I could be wrong on that.

Recently I did some overriding of the drop event in Python. See this post Add Drag and drop import to slicelet?


This is very useful, thanks a lot! I’ve used it now to make DICOM loading simpler: if you drag-and-drop files or folders while DICOM module is active then they will be always loaded as DICOM (the user does not have to choose) - see