How to do online (real-time) annotation when recording a new sequence of ultrasound stream using the module "Sequences"?

Hi everyone,

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I am trying to design my first extension module, similar to the module “Sequences” but with real-time frame annotations from AI image processing for live ultrasound sequence collection.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I am now able to retrieve SequenceBrowser and show the FrameIndex in my own module, and I should also be able to do offline annotation now.

However, it might be impossible for me to complete a new “Sequences” module for the new sequence recording, and it seems that the existing “Sequences” module does not support PyQt5 script source code.

What should I do to make the annotation online?
E.g., after I click the recording button in the “Sequences” module to record a sequence of ultrasound data, as the real-time raw image shown in the red widget, how should I annotate a “Yes” notation in the center of the raw image and show the annotated image in the yellow widget simultaneously?

Assume this problem can be solved in three steps:

  1. How can I add a new shortcut button in the toolbar to trigger the annotation?
  2. How should I retrieve the real-time raw image?
  3. How should I display the annotated image in the yellow widget?

Thank you again for your valuable time!