How to export a red slice view while keeping the pixel value according to the Color Scalar Bar?

Hi all,
This is a sample data,I want to do some quantitative analysis so I need the pixel values.

I can use data probe to see the pixel value marked in blue.Now I want to save this picture,but if I use screen capture to save it as a png file,the pixel value becomes between 0-255.
There is a color bar marked in green, I want to know if I can save the whole 2D view while keeping the original pixel values?
Thank you in advance for your help!

You can’t fit the original pixel values into a png file. You would need to use a different format, such as nrrd.

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Thanks Steve,
If I want to save the 2D view as a nrrd file,not the whole volume,just only the slice,does Slicer4.13 currently have an existing GUI or does script repository have relevant python code?

You can get access to the resliced image before intensity rescaling as shown in this code snippet.