How to export volume rendering from slicer to Hololens 2

Good morning,
I need to export volume rendering from 3d slicer in a format that is compatible with Hololens 2 (stl or obj).
For example, in the screenshot in attach, I can visualize the segmentation (trachea) and the volume rendering (lung). From 3d slicer I can export only the segmentation as stl or obj. Can I also export the volume rendering to visualize it on Hololens 2?

It is not possible to export volume rendering (a rendering technique) into a mesh file format. See more details here:

For now, an option could be to have a separate VTK-based app to visualize the exported data from 3D Slicer. VTK supports volume rendering inside the Hololens 2 (see here).

Nice demos. Thanks Lucas