How to get Leap motion data by using the puls app

Hello experts,I want to use the leap motion data to control the slicer.I have got the connect between plus and 3d slicer with plusserver MMF,but there’s no data available in slicer,and I also try to use the plus server:leap motion tracker ,but the connection failed.Can someone help me out of this problem,
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Hello guys, I just come and apdate this post just in case someone will get help from here. I have make it works with the help of Mr. Andras,and i got the leap motion data to slicer by using the PlusMatlabUtils,and matlab can get the position datas from leap motion ,about how to make it works you can find the details on the web linkmatleap
And the result is like the below.
And maybe you can try this way for your project.
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