How to get the normalized image (file)?

Hi, is there an option to get the image normalized?, because after run the feature extraction I checked the histogram of the image from which I extracted the features and it didn’t change. (I have normalize enabled in the script)

You can set the same window/level settings by either right-clicking on the volume in a slice view and selecting the same “Window/level preset”; or in Volumes module’s Display section make sure you have the same W and L (window and level) values for your volumes.

Hi Andras, I’ve checked the histogram from the volume information and then plotted the histogram, so I think that is not the problem. I’ve attached the parameters I’m using, I’ve also tried running the extraction with the manual customization. Do I need to add anything else? thank you, appreciate your help!

Original: {}

- ‘Autocorrelation’
- ‘JointAverage’
- ‘ClusterProminence’
- ‘ClusterShade’
- ‘ClusterTendency’

normalize: true
normalizeScale: 100 # This allows you to use more or less the same bin width.

binWidth: 64
voxelArrayShift: 300
label: 1

#Resegmentation: remove outliers
resegmentRange: [-3, 3]
resegmentMode: sigma

I’m not experienced with how to configure SlicerRadiomics. Maybe @JoostJM or other radiomics experts can help.

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