How to import 3D Structured Data into 3D Slicer?

How to import 3D Structured Data File into 3D Slicer ? such as .xyz/.csv/.grd/.p3d etc.

Hi! How to import 3D Structured Data File into 3D Slicer ? such as .xyz/ .csv/.grd/ .p3d etc.

I’m not sure what you mean by “3D Structured Data File” but you can load meshes in any of the standard file formats supported by Slicer - see the list here.

yes, I meat meshes data,but the file formats supported by Slicer Not including what I want,
so How to develop interfaces to import custom meshes data file?
or other standard meshes data file, such as .xyz/ .csv/.grd/ .p3d etc.

The file formats that you listed are not commonly used for storing mesh data. What software do you use to create these files? Are you sure the file stores a mesh and not just a point cloud?

actually, it stores some points and their attribute value in three-dimensional space.
Perhaps you can consider it as a point cloud file, but the points are distributed on a regular grid.
refer to paraview

There many ways for importing and processing point cloud data in Slicer. Could you tell a bit more about your application so that we can narrow down the problem a bit?

Are you using a surface scanner to acquire the data? Are the file formats you listed are the outputs of the device? Can the software that was supplied with your scanner reconstruct a surface mesh?

How do you plan to use the point cloud in Slicer? Do you need to reconstruct a surface? Do you just need to visualize in 3D? Use it for registration? Do you prefer to have real-time streaming of the scan or you just save a single acquisition to file and then load that file into Slicer?

What is the clinical application? Markerless registration for surgical navigation, augmented reality, intra-operative compensation of patient motion/deformation? Do you scan bones, teeth, or soft tissues (liver, breast, brain,…)?

its an industrial CT application , independent of the device, data generated by algorithm and to present in the form of volume rendering, refer to the picture

data with “X Y Z Value”


See the answer below

If you have values for each point in a rectilinear grid then saving it in a CSV file is extremely inefficient and more complicated than necessary. Instead, you can simply dump all the values in a binary file in order (column, rows, slices) and load that into Slicer using RawImageGuess extension. You can specify the volume dimensions and spacing in Raw Image Guess module and it creates an image header that allows you load the image.