How to import markup control points as nodes?

I’ve exported a set of markup control points as a table (.csv format). When I import the table, the control points do not appear under nodes section of the markup module. I need to apply a set of transformations to these coordinates. Is there a way to achieve this instead of creating separate .fcsv files?


You can read the CSV as a table and then import the points from the table in Markups module.

Yes, I tried that and it works fine. I was wondering if there is a way to create separate nodes for each control points, instead of having all the control points under a single node (F_1)

This it is easily doable by a few-line Python script (probably chatgpt can generate it for you), but it is not commonly needed. Can you write a bit more about what you want to achieve? What does each point represent? How many points do you have? Why do you want each point to be a separate node?