How to install pedicle screws simulator extension?

PedicleScrewInsertion extension is now available in the extension manager for latest nightly builds, in Training category (or by entering “pedicle” in the search box).


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Thanks to all. I found the solution. I changed the transformation matrix.

Ah, didn’t realize I would need absolutely latest nightly build. I had 4.9.0 from a previous build and it wasn’t showing up in there. Thank you.

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Hello I’m getting this error. Can somebody help me?

Thanks for reporting the error. We’ll soon update this extension to work with Slicer-4.11 (that is switched to Python3). Until it is done, please use the latest stable version (Slicer-4.10.1).

Pedicle screw simulator extension is now updated for Slicer-4.11. If you download the nightly build tomorrow or later then you should not see the error anymore.


Im curious about getting the orthogonal slice views when im adjusting the positioning of the pedicle screws? I seem to only have access to the 3D Modelled view.

theres no option to view the CT scanned orthogonal sliced views. I’d like to be able to adjust the position of the pedicle screw in the other views as it would be easier to visualize.

The goal of the simulator is to teach surgeons assessing screw placement by looking at exposed bones. That’s why slice views are not shown by default in the screw placement step.

You can switch to 4-up view (orthogonal slice views + 3D view) anytime. I think this view is offered by default in the evaluation step. Since this is a Python scripted module, you can also very easily change the default behavior (just edit the Python files with a text editor and restart Slicer).

Hi lassoan,

Thank you for your reponse. I was thinking about using this for a thesis project on robotic assitance with pedicle screw fixation. Would you be able to help me set up these orthogonal views in python to allow adjustments of these pedicle screws in these orthognal sliced views.

Similar to how it is shown in this video

You can switch to 4-up layout (3 slice views+3D view) by You can find many more examples in the Slicer script repository and Slicer Python scripting tutorials here.

Sounds like an interesting project. Slicer is quite often used for planning and real-time visualization of robot-assisted procedures, so you will find that all the infrastructure has been already developed and you just need to configure it for your project. Of course this customization is not that simple, but still much simpler than redeveloping everything from scratch. You can also very easily customize and extend existing features to do exactly what you need and how you need.

For pedicle screw insertion interventions, the pedicle screw simulator extension is a good starting point. Since it is implemented in Python, it is easy to customize/extend it. For example, you can add a patient calibration step to register your robot coordinate system to the image coordinate system using landmarks or surface registration. I would also recommend to have a look at SlicerIGT tutorials to learn about all the calibration and real-time visualization tools. You can connect Slicer with ROS nodes (to receive real-time robot position information or send target positions) using OpenIGTLink protocol.

Hi Mr Lasso,

Thank you so much for your reply and thank you for directing me towards the correct path. I definitely do feel like 3D Slicer would be beneficial to use for the project that I’m working on and I’ll definitely look into it further. If I have any questions regarding the project would you be the first line of contact?

Also greetings from Australia! hope you and your family are safe and well.



Feel free to send any questions to this forum.

So far we are OK here - Canada has not been hit very hard yet.