How to join two segments?

Hello! Im trying to model a total knee replacement and i can´t join the tibia with the tibial tray to see if they match. Is it possible to do? :upside_down_face:
perating system:
Slicer version:
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

What do you mean by joining? If you want to evaluate how well they fit then most likely you don’t want to merge them into a single segment but do something like measuring distance between the surfaces.

And how can i measure the distance? i have been using the ruler but the surface of the bones aren´t easy to measure with the it. Is there any other tool i can use?

There are extensions like model to model distance which you can and also visualise with them with shape population viewer.

Also you have Fiducials to Model Distance extension recently developed by @Juicy

Also you can do the distance with markups only.

Alos you can use,

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Thanks!! this is very helpful!

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