How to know the dimensions of a 3D model using Slicer?


I am performing tissue segmentation for 3D printing. I would like to know the volume of the end result 3D model and some of its dimensions to compare it with some reference measures from the literature.

Is there a way to know these measures using 3D slicer?

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Try the SegmentStatistics module in the nightly:

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This module gives details concerning the volume and surface are of the segmented tissues in cm and mm cube.
Is there any way to extract the weight of the tissues through 3Dslicer and these numbers?

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Should be easy to estimate weight if you know the volume and density of the tissue, right? :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was thinking about that too, but I wasn’t sure if we could apply this formula on the anatomical organs and tissues as well.
I will do that then!