How to measure volumes in structural brain MRI?

How to measure volumes in structural brain MRI? can you tell me step by step how can i measure brain volume in slicer 4.11 from structural mri


A quick an easy way to do this is to:

  1. Segment the tissue or structure of the brain that you are interested in using the Segment Editor

    Here I created a small segment of part of the ventricular system.
    For MRI, I usually use the threshold tool to create a mask and the brush tool to segment the masked region.

  2. Calculate a volume of the tissue or structure by using the Segment Statistics module

    Look are the settings I used on the right, this module is simple, but make sure you are using the volume that corresponds to the segmentation volume, if you have multiple.

Also, I used the MRHead sample dataset available with 3D Slicer for practice!