How to move DICOM database

I made a beginner error. I moved the SlicerDICOMDatabase in a different location than done by default. Since then no files uploads and I get 0 files…
How can I fix this issue? Thanks

You need to choose a folder that exists and you have write access to. Preferably it should be a real physical drive, not some virtual drive (provided by Google drive, etc.). Folders that have very long path or contain special characters might also cause problems.

Thank you .
I moved the database folder to documents but no luck. Should I reinstall Slicer as I have only a few files saved

Do you see any warning or error messages in the application log?
(menu: Help / Report a bug)

No. It looks like a normal download but then no files appear.
A friend of mine helped me . Did what you said to do and it now works

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