How to remove background right-angle slices from restored Scene Views of models from SPL Brain Atlas

Note: my usage of Slicer is non-typical, just toward trying to learn brain anatomy.

Operating system: Windows 8.1 win-amd64 Intel Core i7
Slicer version: 4.8.0 r26489
Expected behavior: restored SPL scene view minus background slices
Actual behavior: 3-D models show with background right-angle slices

When I ‘restore’ a Scene View from the SPL Brain Atlas, it presents the selected set of structures with a background of 2 right-angle slices, which can get in the way of viewing the 3-D structures from different angles, and also seem to slow down the user rotation of the model.

How can I remove those 2 right-angle slice backgrounds from the view, without removing them from the scene that SPL included in their atlas, and then save that modified view for later viewing?

I think you are referring to the visibility of the slices in 3D. Use the ‘eye’ icon in the slice controller.

Also you should try some of the general tutorials to get familiar with things:

(Note that saving and restoring scene files with scene views has had some bugs but what you describe should work).

Thank you Steve, your first reference does indeed work to remove the background 90 degree slices from the restored Scene View that is provided within the SPL Brain Atlas.

However, there is still a lag in rotating the 3D view of the restored provided Scene View of a selected structure that is not present when rotating the 3D view of the base brain itself from the SPL atlas. I suspect I’ll have to create my own Scene Views from the base brain.

And I’ll re-look at some of the tutorials, thanks.