how to segment intact lumen and vessel wall in 3d slicer?

I want to create lumen and plaque inside an arterial wall(similar to the structure in attached file).So it will be a hollow wall and lumen inside it(fixed,no spaces between them).How can i do it in slicer?

To create vessel wall, use “Hollow” effect in recent nightly version of Segment editor. If you import model or labelmap from other software then you need to import it into a Segmentation node. Let us know if you stuck at any point or you don’t get good enough quality segmentation.

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Uninstall previous Slicer if found then remove Slicer configuration folder manually. Install Slicer. It should works.

To get the best result, resample your volume (using “Resample Scala Volume” module)to iso then resample to a higher resolution e.g. 0.06,0.06,0.06. Then use Hollow with the minimum shell thinness.


  • It is also useful if you provide more details e.g. your operating system and the error message.
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