Volume rendering/vessel segmentation of OCT


I’m fairly new with 3D slicer so forgive me for any stupidities. I’ve been trying to produce 3d volume renderings of OCT pullbacks (DICOM) from coronary arteries but somehow my results so far were unsatisfying. I’ve looked a lot so far but haven’t found any good advice on this. The best I got was by segmenting the vessel wall from the lumen by using the threshold but the result was very porous. Does anyone has any experience with this? It would be ideal to have an STL at the end for further usage in other applications.
Thanks so much in advance!

Did you find this thread?

Probably Segment editor’s “Grow from seeds” and especially “Watershed” (in SegmenEditorExtraEffects extension) will give you smooth, non-porous vessel wall. Small holes you can fill by “Smoothing” effect. Check out segmentation tutorials.

We can give more specific help if you attach sample screenshots (or even better, a sample volume).