How to segment the ligaments of lumbar vertebrae region?

As i know the position of lumbar vertebrae, intervertebae disc and spinal cord, i adjusted the threshold value
when these region were captured but i don’t know much about the ligaments then how to proceed?

is there any module directly show the ligaments just like arteries and viens?

What imaging modality do you use? Are ligaments easily distinguishable from surrounding tissues?

hello sir thankyou
what i understand by imaging modality is which type of medical file/data i am using.
i am using CT- scan (downloaded from internet).
No, ligaments were not visible with the adjustment of threshold intensity.
I do not know much about ligaments but when i was reading journals they mentioned these ligaments are present in lumbar region:
posterior longitudinal ligament
anterior longitudinal ligament
ligament-um flavum
interspinous ligament