How to solve issue of exporting

I got this message while exporting my file on slicer it was working fine yesterday. This is the message (

Exception thrown in event: /Users/svc-dashboard/D/S/A/ITK/Modules/IO/NIFTI/src/itkNiftiImageIO.cxx:2338:
ITK ERROR: NiftiImageIO(0x7fa8c94564a0): ERROR: nifti library failed to write image/Users/esraa/Desktop/Dr. Shiro/Segmentation -MRI /Segmented MRI/Segmentation_1.nii)

I hope you have an answer


To help reproduce and hopefully fix the issue, could you:

  • describe the workflow for reproducing the problem
  • report the Slicer version in which the export was working
  • report the first Slicer version in which the export stopper working