How to transform sagittal images to Axis images?

I am studying deep learning,I need to change the dicom images into the same position.
how to transform sagittal DICOM to axial DICOM?

as you see,the default position is sagittal,when I load it into slicer ,it can show axial,but when I use Creat a DICOM series module to creat a new dicom series ,it is still Sagittal position.

You can use the Orient Scalar Volume module for that.

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Great! Thank you very much,Mr. Pieper,it works.

Another question is how I can get the python code,I want to write it into my python scripts,as a part of pretreatments for batch.

The script repository is a good place to get ideas.

Although a lot of the training materials are for slightly older versions, they are still valid for understanding how Slicer works and ways to address tasks via programming:

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