How to unload a volume from the 3D View

After dragging a volume/node to the 3D view for volume rendering, is it possible to remove/unload it with the mouse?

I want it to be visible in the 2D views, just not rendered, so turning off visibility is not an option.

Right click on the eye column and uncheck volume rendering

Thank you. Never thought of right clicking the eye…

Are there options for Multi 3D views? Python only?

Can I not show a volume in View1, but in View 2?

You can set the ViewNodeIDs on the display nodes, like you can do with the GUI menus.

Like Script repository — 3D Slicer documentation

Thank you,
Where can I control the individual ViewNodeIDs in the GUI?
I looked under nodes and Volumes…

Volumes in 3D views are displayed by Volume Rendering module. You can select views of n that module.

However, you may find it easier to drag-and-drop the volume from the tree in Data module to each 3D view you want it to appear in.