How to upload skull base CT segmentation model

Operating system:mac
Slicer version:5.0
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I am a neurosurgeon and have been using 3D slicer for 10 years. Early works focused on anatomical learning with personal terminals. The “segment edit” is a very helpful tools to simulate the job of performing a surgical anatomy. In my opinion, the establishment of a digital simulation anatomy laboratory is very meaningful for the skull base surgeons. However, the segmentation of skull base bones is a time-consuming and laborious work. I’ve already done some of this groundworks. I would like to share my segmentation models of skull base with others. How to upload the anonymized datas? thank you!

Thank you for your offer. Expert annotations of real data are essential for creating accurate automated segmentation tools. I haven’t tried segmentation of the skull base, but in other areas of the body it has been possible to train machine learning models based on a few hundred or maybe as few as a few dozen. The details on exactly how much data is needed depend on the variability of the anatomy and the imaging.

If you are able to create a folder of consistently named images (CT I’d guess) plus segmentation files and make it available via a file sharing service such as dropbox, google drive, or similar then I hope someone could try training a model, e.g. with MONAI Label or give you feedback about what else might be needed. Let us know if you want to discuss further details of how to share the data.

Hi Pieper
Thank you for your attention. Yes, I want to upload the skull base bone segmental vtk file based on thin scan CT. However, I lack the necessary experience of files uploading. Is there any

designated website for uploading? Thanks!

These look very nice :+1: How many do you have?

There are many storage options. One option is Zenodo, which is used for a similar dataset:

This segmentation is beautiful. Did you find a find a place to store these models? I would love to take a closer look and potentially 3D print educational models for the residents in my program if you are willing to share them.