How to visualize 2d xray and 3d model overlapped

Hi all,
Is it possible to visualize a 2D Xray in the same space as a 3D volume inside the 3D only viewer? I realize that from the start, it’s obvious that 2D will not appear in 3D. But is there any way to include it as a plane with depth 1 pixel or however many are need to be drawn in the 3D viewer? I’m trying to visually align blood vessels to see how good/bad the original CT volume segmentation is compared to a contrast injected XRay. Ideally, I could visualize the 2D XRay as the background and then rotate the 3D volume above it until it is aligned

Yes, this is perfectly doable. Click the “eye” icon in slice view controls to show the slice in 3D.

It is up to you to set up the camera to match the X-ray projection. It is quite simple:

  • camera position is the X-ray generator position
  • camera focal point is the image centerpoint position
  • camera up vector is one of the image axis
  • camera view angle is computed from source-to-image distance (distance between camera position and centerpoint) and image size

Thank you Mr. Lasso, that did the trick

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